Leadership & its meaning

The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble._____________Blaise Pascal.

What makes a good leader? All leaders are born with or acquire the ability to believe that "justice will ultimately prevail and you will be judged fairly for your actions." This is the foundation of a great leader's character.

To do the right thing at all costs. Never to be weakened by the critics or any formidable situation. To keep stroking and moving ahead in the sea of doubts by the power of one's strong conviction of fairness is what leadership is all about.

Leaders do a lot of soul searching. What is right? What is wrong? What is the impact of a small issue on the future of not only their lives but also on the lives of others around them and it's greater impact on their entire Community? Leaders want answers to resolve issues. They resolve issues by their words and actions. Blaming others for long takes their focus off from finding a solution to their problems. Leaders really do not procrastinate on issues. They want resolution of their problems so that they can move on. They are always looking at a time frame to get things done and issues resolved.

Can anybody be a leader? Yes, Leadership is all about good values. What you do matters. We all have the ownership of our lives and actions contrary to how much we want to refute it! Our thoughts matter, our words matter, our actions matter and this is how we bring a positive change in our lives first and then in the lives of others around us by our actions driven by our conviction of fairness.

Every now and then we all come across situations in life where we are criticized for our actions. If you run a business it may mean overhauling your business strategy and changing your management formula. If you are a student not getting good grades may mean other areas perhaps of your habits you need to work on. Maybe you need to focus more, or do better management of your time or you may need extra tutoring.

Figuring out an issue means soul searching, homework and analysis. As you go through this process ask yourself some critical questions, debate these questions to develop your critical thought process. Eventually you will develop some form of conviction on what you need to do for your business or as a student.

Once you have formed your conviction on what you need to do. Lay out your game plan for your success. What should you do first, what comes second? Talk to your mentors. Seek advice to help critique your game plan. As you take actions you may have to make some changes in your game plan. You will experience setbacks. You will learn lessons from your setbacks and make necessary adjustments as you move ahead.

There will be critics all along the way. You will have the strength because you are doing what you believe in based on your convictions. You will be authentic and it will show. Because of your persistence your objectives will become a reality. Thus, You would have created an impact on yourself, your family and your organization or perhaps the world. A little justice would have ultimately prevailed!

Leadership is not about status, power or money. It is not how you want people to perceive you. Leadership means the "courage to act according to your convictions to have fair outcomes for all despite the difficulties incurred in the process of achieving such goals."

Leaders constantly struggle to create balance and justice not only for themselves but also for everyone around them. Leaders always have a vision for a better future. Their vision makes them strive harder for quicker results. They are conscientious of time. Though leaders determine the pace of the organization yet they are sensitive to how fast the organization can move. They adjust their speed in order to get their organization to its chosen destination quickly but safely.

Leaders seldom run out of ideas. They know that there is always abundance of resources out there to help them achieve their goals. Leaders always look for the most efficient way to get the job done while being fair to all.

So why does the world need leaders? All humans want the best outcomes but only a leader has the unique blend of attributes that carves the way for him to reach his goals that has positive outcomes for all. The failures of life come from resting on good intentions, which are in vain unless carried out in wise action by a leader driven by his conviction. A Leader makes a positive impact in his life and in the lives of others. The world is better place because of leaders driven by their convictions.

Ayesha Shafiq

Ayesha Shafiq, Director of Paris Cardiology Center. Wife of Khalid Shafiq M.D. and mother of their 2 children. Director of Paris Cardiology Center for 11 years. Masters in International Relations. Runs management with the help of 22 employees.